The old mayan culture worshipped the cacao tree, believing it to be of a divine origin

We use the finest cacao beans from the highlands of Peru

Our cacao contains the pure original taste of the cacao tree – organic-original fine-food chocolate

The recipe of Sxococ's original fine-food chocolate is based on old formulations of the Mayan culture

Sxococ connects – made by people for people


Let your spirit and your heart be touched

For our Sxococ-Chocolate we use an exquisite assortment of the finest cacao beans from the highlands of Peru. The cacao content of 84% consists of 70% pure Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. The recipe of our organic original fine-food chocolate is based on old formulations of the Mayan culture. The Maya worshipped the cacao tree and all of its uses, believing it to be of a divine origin.


Sxococ connects

The origin-cacao contains the pure original taste of the cacao tree, which we bring to modern times with our recipe. Our manufacturing company, Sxococ (pronounced: sococ) which roughly translates to “bitter water” - or “divine word and heavenly thought”.

Our chocolate is traditionally handmade with love in Germany.


Fine Food, made by people for people

All ingredients of our organic original fine-food chocolate are natural and of organic origin. Our chocolate is handmade so different colours in the finished product are common, though these do not affect the quality of the chocolate. We hope that our customers will enjoy all the special moments with this extraordinary chocolate. Sxococ is Organic-, Vegan-, Halal- and Kosher-certified and free from Gluten.

Wir freuen uns über Ihren Besuch!

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In order to fulfill high quality standards of our products, all of our raw materials are procured only from well-known suppliers. All raw materials are treated with extreme care while being prepared for the production process so that they retain their naturally useful and healthy properties.

Our seals of certification from Bio, Vegan, Halal and Kosher and those of our suppliers ensure a diligent and careful management of nature and its natural resources. All raw materials originate from a controlled and organic farming. The certification combined with our manual production processes ensure high bioavailability and naturalness of our original gourmet chocolate.

We are not bound by any form of association but we are strongly convinced that a naturally healthy lifestyle should be made available to everyone, which is why we have decided to make our product openly available. At Sxococ, we strive to connect everyone with the best of all worlds.

Sxococ from the people, for the people and intended for everyone.

Bio-Seal: Agricultural products that originate from purely organic farming are given this seal of approval. The terms ecological and organic farming denote the production of food and other agricultural products on the basis of nature-gentle and respecting production methods. Organic farming abstains from using synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetic engineering. End products of organic farming also aren’t allowed to contain flavor enhancers, artificial flavoring or coloring and even preservatives.

Parve-Seal: „Neutral“, so-called parve foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals and candies may be combined with meaty and milky foods.

Vegan-Seal: This seal of approval denotes the total absence of animal products in the entire production chain and guarantees a vegan end product.

Halal-Seal: This seal of approval ensures that food products derived from plants are Halal with the exception of intoxicating and toxic products like alcohol, pesticides, cystine and pork products and DNA.

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